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"The Speckled Egg", 2020/2021

Speckled Egg mens 5.jpg
Speckled Egg ladies 2.jpg

Between December of 2020 and January of 2021, contemporary artist Wavy Wednesday renews the restrooms of the popular brunch restaurant, The Speckled Egg. Inspired by retro diners from the 50s, both murals of the ladies room(yellow) and men's room(navy) display old fashioned hot rods, pin up waitresses, and chickens! These unique works of art can be found at The Speckled Egg located inside of the Union Trust building in downtown Pittsburgh, PA.

"Condados Tacos: 23", 2021

Condados Tacos 1.jpg
Condados Tacos 3.JPG


To celebrate the 23rd Condado's Tacos opening up, a dream team of local Pittsburgh artists were chosen to beautify the space. With the theme of this specific Condado being hip hop and graffiti, Camo Customz and Wavy team together to create a collaborative mural of a lady M.C. and Grandmaster Flash cranking up the party under a taco shaped disco ball. The well known taco chain restaurant opens up mid February 2021.

7 senses.JPG
7 senses 2.jpg

"7 Senses", 2020


Curated by Camo Customz, "7 Senses" is a public art piece that speaks for black pride in the historic neighborhood of Homewood. Wavy Wednesday and Camo tag-teamed the wall by painting pictures of young black children radiating in colors that represent the African American flag. The project began and ended late November of 2020. Standing at 26ft tall, this mural constructed by the dynamic duo is located on the side of 7 Senses Catering and Event Service on the corner of Susquehanna and N Homewood Ave of Pittsburgh, PA.

7 senses 1.JPG
"WAVY WOMAN", 2020
"Spirit Wall: BLACK AF",2020

Spirit Wall: Black AF Edition brought local and BLACK talent together to create a 22FT x 60FT statement piece on the building of Spirit located in the Lawrenceville area of Pittsburgh. This uniting mural reflects the revolutionary movement of black bodies protesting and taking what rightfully belongs to the black community. Pictured on the left are two little cuties posing with Wavy Wednesday and her contribution to the mural, a huge "Wavy Woman". 2020's roster of artists for the annual Spirit Wall consists of Camo Nesbit, Wavy Wednesday, Atiya Jones, Natiq Jalil, Janel Young, Dejouir Brown, Juliandre Jones and Jordan Collington. 

"Spirit Wall: Black AF", 2020
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